Sunday, 11 September 2011


Always beleived that if you wanna walk then WALK TALL ...

and when you wanna bowl then bowl FAST AND FURIOUS ....

Shoaib took the art of fast bowling to next level and when he had his tail up and rythm on song ... AINT NO BETTER SIGHT IN WORLD OF CRICKET THAN HIM ..

Thursday, 8 September 2011


People who lost their belief they are like empty vessels..  more susceptible to be taken out by forces bigger than themselves.

Faith is about believing in something beyond life ... something you can feel but cant touch .. Like hope of love.

Its never too late to realize whats important in your life to fight for..
Always Believe ..

Monday, 5 September 2011


Yes we all hear this word every now and then DESTINY

What is destiny ? Does every single one of us has some kind of destiny ? What is destiny anyways ?!?

People think it's some kind of fate which is so bound to happen .. But that is so fucking wrong .. An absoloute error in my view.

Destiny is what you define it for yourself , The ULTIMATE GOAL of our life, The extreme outcome we want to dedicate our life for.

It is more about belief that we got something special and unique coming our way which you are willing to die trying for, in order to get.

This is where our vision comes into play and kind of upbringing we had and the inner depths of our soul.

Trust me you will only get what you envision for yourself ... NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS !

Life with defined destiny is an adventure, joy and absolute thrill ... Even if one fails to achieve it.

So Warriors go out there .. your destiny is waiting for ya !

Always Believe

Thursday, 1 September 2011


I think the best part about writing your own blog is the freedom to go controversial …

I think it is important to let yourself out through words and when it comes to raising a voice, people who know me knows that I have got loudest of em all.

I started my life like any other guy, with people, society and culture pretty much dictating my life but it came to the point where it literally messed everything up and I came to point where I said to myself ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

At that point I told myself that I refuse to be dictated, I refuse to buy the shit which everyone buys with real pride, I refuse to be just anybody …. And most importantly I said to myself that I refuse to DIE and will do whatever it takes to survive and live my life on my OWN terms.

And trust me there is no better way to whip it hard other than kicking your own ass to make things happen.

So go WARRIORS … Sky is the limit !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Always believe that you have within you the potential to do something unique and do whatever you set your mind and actions to do.

In some wonderful one-of-a-kind way you are unlike anyone else. All of us human beings here on this planet, all of us so much alike in so many ways, but each of us with our own life story.

Your story is your story, not anyone else's. You were created with a singular unique soulprint to do something creative like no other human being who has lived or will ever live. What that "thing" is that only you can do has unlimited potential. However, because that thing is yours to do and no one else's, no one else can discover it for you. Only you can. You find it by believing that it does indeed lie inside of you. It's not that you have to know, right now, exactly what that unique creative thing is you have the potential to do.

What matters is that you believe with all you are that it lies inside of you. This is where you start. Nothing matters more than always believing in the potential you hold to do something no one else can and the potential you have to think and act to bring it to life.

Jim Helwig
One Warrior Nation

Monday, 29 August 2011



Its like you have it or you dont .. Friendship in its purest form is one of the most beautiful relation one can ever have .. something which cannot be created, It just happens. At times people take their friends for granted because they dont know their worth... Ask those who dont have them.

I happen to be one of those people who had glimpses of friendship in their life but could never hold onto it, I do have a decent laugh every now and then with some genuinely good hearted people but thats pretty much it!!! ... as I said you cant manufacture it .. But when I see people being friends for life and being there for each other... Only the idea of it brings such a joy to my heart.

Even within our family member, we always get closer to the ones with whom we enjoy bond of friendship.. Such is a power of this bond .. When life seems still , nothing is going your way and yet there is no let out .. Turn to a friend and you wont regret it.

Friday, 26 August 2011



Tell the ones you love that you love them, every chance you get, because you never know when your chances will run out. Alot of time life does’nt come to an end with a date and time announcement even when we know an end is forthcoming, never can we be fully prepared. Love for someone is the greatest booster for happiness for our hearts, and one day down the road , the greatest breaker of it, too. You never know when... none of us do. But if you take advantage of every chance you get. You wont ever have to wonder if your loved one always knew.

So take a break and let it out ...